At Neo Tours, we specialize in providing travel management services for companies, corporations, organizations, businesspeople, groups and private clients. The company offers its services to businesses of all sizes: from small and mid-sized enterprises all the way up to international corporations that frequently operate abroad and manage large scale travel budgets.

Due to an innovative approach that sees the business travel account as a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, and thanks to connections with leading vendors and our signature attentive service, Neo Tours has accumulated quite a reputation over the years, a reputation for delivering a professional, first class, dependable service. Today we are one of the leading players in the travel management field, setting a standard for the entire industry.

One Stop Shop

At Neo Tours we offer a one stop shop solution for your business travel account, taking care of every aspect of your arrangements. We assist in developing the account, including defining travel procedures, collaborating with the client's travel coordinator, keeping every leg of the trip transparent, monitoring travel expenses, adhering to strict schedules, and more.

Among others, our service includes: ticketing; ground arrangements; car and vehicle rental; meeting room booking and exhibition space/conference hall coordination; private plane leasing; visa and passport arrangements; team building or incentive-based trip preparation; travel coordination for organizations; and more. Alongside the organization-level response that we provide, we at Neo Tours also offer a unique personalized service for employees embarking on private trips.

Over the years, we've solidified both personal and professional ties with the world's leading airlines as well as with a diverse mix of vendors in every corner of the globe. These connection have helped us better serve our clients, particularly when it comes to creating contracts with excellent conditions offered by these third parties, agreements that are also perfectly aligned with the organization's needs.

Our Profile

At Neo Tours, we enjoy a solid financial backbone and benefit for 10 years' experience in providing travel management solutions for some of the leading companies in Israel. Our clients have included those in the energy, infrastructure, real estate, finance, transportation, communications, electronics, hi-tech, HR sectors, and more.

Clients have at their disposal a support center that is always available, a center that consists of agents with years of experience, consultants, financial experts, administrative managers, accounting managers and customer support representatives. Each and every project is overseen by Neo Tours CEO Nir Israeli, one of the leading experts in the business travel industry, who has personal experience managing travel accounts with multi-million dollar budgets on a yearly basis.

Maximum value for money

Neo Tours’ comprehensive travel management solution has been carefully designed to maximize your savings on business travel. We offer accurate budget management, provide recommendations and consultation regarding procedures and policies, and accompany you – the business traveler - through every stage, from planning the trip, to boarding, to staying abroad all the way to returning home.