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About Us​

At Neo Tours, we specialize in providing travel management services for companies, corporations, organizations, businesspeople, groups and private clients. The company offers its services to businesses of all sizes: from small and mid-sized enterprises all the way up to international corporations that frequently operate abroad and manage large scale travel budgets.

Due to an innovative approach that sees the business travel account as a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, and thanks to connections with leading vendors and our signature attentive service, Neo Tours has accumulated quite a reputation over the years, a reputation for delivering a professional, first class, dependable service. Today we are one of the leading players in the travel management field, setting a standard for the entire industry.​

Our services​

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Reports and Data Analysis

Neo Tours is able to utilize statistical reports, in-depth analysis and advanced tools to help companies arrange cost-effective, efficient and well-coordinated business trips. Our experience in the field of business travel management and our connections with vendors around the globe means we can work with you to carefully define your business travel account with both qualitative and quantitative work.

Private jet leasing

Neo Tours is able to coordinate private jet leasing to and from any location in the world. Our connections with private leasing companies and specialty organizations mean that we have access to a varied fleet of private jets and all the in-flight extras you need. Whether you’re planning an executive trip, a team building event, or a private trip, our exclusive service ensures that you travel in privacy and style.

Collaborating with a company's management and travel coordinator

Neo Tours works in full collaboration with both the company management and its in-house travel coordinator, in order to provide business travel services at an incomparable level, all while adhering to budgetary and scheduling requirements. Collaboration with the travel coordinator is based on issuing fully transparent statistic reports and characterizing the travel account in a holistic approach. 

Outsourced travel coordination

Neo Tours is able to provide specialist outsourcing services for businesses and companies in need of a travel coordinator. Paying close attention to your travel requirements, budgetary restrictions and corporate policies, we can coordinate local and international travel, as well as ancillary services, for you and your employees on a short-term or long-term basis. 

Specification of the company's travel account

Neo Tours is able to assist businesses and companies of all sizes to thoroughly define their travel account. By paying close attention to the smallest of details, we can analyze your company’s requirements relating to travel expenditure and budgetary management, ensuring that you attain the best deals and get the most out of your corporate travel schedule.

Team building events

Neo Tours is able to assist with the coordination of team-building and incentive-based trips abroad. From arranging flights and accommodations to organizing activities and dining arrangements, our specialist corporate travel management service is designed to take care of the big things and little things, ensuring you team-building event or incentive-based trip goes off without a hitch.

Ground Arrangements

Neo Tours is able to provide businesses and business travelers with professionally organized ground arrangements to ensure a seamless business trip. From arranging airport transfers and venue bookings to restaurant reservations and passport/visa issuance, we can take care of every aspect of your business travel account, leveraging local and international connections to secure cost-effective arrangements every step of the way.

Hotels and Accommodation

Neo Tours is able to provide hotel and accommodation solutions that meet the predetermined standards and requirements of your company. Thanks to personal and professional connections with vendors across the globe, we can arrange suitable accommodations wherever in the world you’re travelling to, taking advantage of preferential rates to ensure a cost-effective stay, whatever your budget.


Neo Tours is able to work with you to arrange your company’s business flights, wherever in the world you or your employees are flying to. Over the years we have developed personal and professional connections with leading airlines from across the globe, meaning we can broker flight contracts that meet your business travel needs and suit your schedule, while optimizing your available budget to secure maximum value.

Maximum value for money
Neo Tours’ comprehensive travel management solution has been carefully designed to maximize your savings on business travel. We offer accurate budget management, provide recommendations and consultation regarding procedures and policies, and accompany you – the business traveler - through every stage, from planning the trip, to boarding, to staying abroad all the way to returning home.​

One Stop Shop
At Neo Tours we offer a one stop shop solution for your business travel account, taking care of every aspect of your arrangements. We assist in developing the account, including defining travel procedures, collaborating with the client's travel coordinator, keeping every leg of the trip transparent, monitoring travel expenses, adhering to strict schedules, and more.