About​ - CEO

Managing corporate travel arrangements for a company is an endeavor that requires skill, connections, collaboration, and an unwavering attention to detail. Nir Israeli, CEO of Neo Tours, explains how it’s all handled.

“In this fast-paced, globalized world, a world in which ranges are shortened and distances are blurred, companies invest enormous resources in business travel. This is especially true in Israel, the nation of innovation and start-ups. Countless Israeli companies, many of whom are leaders in their respective industries and fields, conduct their business in every corner of the globe.

I was first introduced to the field of corporate travel as an employee at a firm that oversaw travel arrangements for a business group that consolidated dozens of subsidiary companies. This included management of corporate travel accounts with multi-million dollar budgets. Being in a senior position, I learned about the challenges and the complexities that come as standard, and in many ways characterize the business travel account. This role required me to work with each company’s in-house travel coordinator, senior management and the employees themselves.

In order to meet the requirements of all involved, I worked towards establishing a dedicated division that would handle the business travel needs for the group. While putting the division together, as well as during the ongoing work, I experienced firsthand what a company and travel coordinator goes through at every given moment. I realized that what's needed is an accurate combination of people skills, professionalism and attention to detail, as well as orderliness and budgetary awareness. Only in this is it possible to channel and optimize the travel account and turn the term ‘maximum value for money’ into a full-fledged approach.

After some eight years in the business and in light of the increasing requests of effective solutions in this area, I decided to found Neo Tours. This is a company that understands what you as a company go through to plan a trip; a company whose employees have been where you are and know how to do the right thing. I and the Neo Tours team spend our days and nights helping organizations and companies to effectively and intelligently manage their travel account and reach their company goals.”

Nir Israeli, Neo Tours CEO