Important Passenger Information​

Every Israeli citizen who wishes to leave the country, solely responsible to obtain the following documents:

Passport - Ensure that a valid passport at your disposal to - at least 6 months before you leave the country. Take your passport before leaving the country and save the images separately.

Visas - is your responsibility to take care of visa to countries which want to visit. Make sure the necessary visa with the consulate of the country where you want to visit. It is recommended to remove all visas in the country, even if the visit later date the visa expires and validity. Overseas visitor's visa renewal easier. In many cases it will be impossible to get a visa abroad if the original application is not filed in the country.

Permission to leave the country - an exit stamp of approval from the IDF must. Required special permit to travel through Egypt to travelers abroad.

*pay attention. Beyond holders must inform the travel agent!

Insurances - Please note that you must have insurance appropriate, comprehensive and extensive as you need, including personal medical insurance and freight. The reservation has to carry insurance before traveling. You can purchase an insurance policy in any society deems necessary, If you do not apply the exclusive responsibility inaction results you need.

For your convenience neo company provides this service passengers.

Drugs and vaccines - you must check the need for drugs and vaccines in countries you will be visiting. Consult your personal physician and applied to the Ministry of Health or medical centers that specialize in one subject. ISTA special arrangement to reduce the number of packages vaccines with medical centers in the country.

General flights - flights performed by scheduled airlines and / or wages and the execution subject to conditions published by the airlines and / or directors of civil aviation.

Route and flight times, are the sole responsibility of the airlines and some cases will even change flight times without prior notice.