Collaborating with a company's management and travel coordinator

Neo Tours works in full collaboration with both the company management and its in-house travel coordinator, in order to provide business travel services at an incomparable level, all while adhering to budgetary and scheduling requirements. Collaboration with the travel coordinator is based on issuing fully transparent statistic reports and characterizing the travel account in a holistic approach.

When it comes to arranging successful business trips, companies with large scale international activities require order and organization with regard to every aspect of their travel account. This ensures that they make the most of their travel budget, while maintaining a well-defined and quantified framework of travel procedures.

At Neo Tours we know how to analyze the relevant information and how to provide a professional, personal, no-frills and reliable travel account management service.

When working with a client, we ensure that direct and continuous contact exists with the company’s management and its in-house travel coordinator. In the event that a company does not have a business travel coordinator, we can assist by providing this service on an outsourced basis.

Our fluid work process takes into consideration the company's travel budget and includes specification and analysis of the organization's needs. To this we add our extensive experience, which includes direct links with airlines and vendors all over the world. The result? A comprehensive travel account personally tailored to your exact requirements and adaptable for both the short and long term.