Specification of the company's travel account

Neo Tours is able to assist businesses and companies of all sizes to thoroughly define their travel account. By paying close attention to the smallest of details, we can analyze your company’s requirements relating to travel expenditure and budgetary management, ensuring that you attain the best deals and get the most out of your corporate travel schedule.

An organization's business travel account represents a large slice of its budgetary pie and can have a large impact on the productivity and effectiveness of any trip abroad. Ensuring that this account represents a positive return on investment is a complex task that calls for an extraordinary combination of professionalism, experience, analytical tools, personal ties and collaborations.

At Neo Tours we specialize in creating the specifications from which a travel account can be developed to the highest standard of professionalism, while paying attention to the smallest details and adhering to strict budgetary management, both in the short and long term.

We have accumulated extensive experience managing travel accounts for countless organizations, from small and mid-size companies to corporations that have large-scale international activity. We assess the travel account according to the micro and macro needs of the organization, integrating our own knowledge and utilizing personal connections to create a solid travel account for the company. By doing this, we’re able to maximize a company's travel budget, improve the efficiency of travel planning, and create clear, long-lasting travel procedures.