Private jet leasing

Neo Tours is able to coordinate private jet leasing to and from any location in the world. Our connections with private leasing companies and specialty organizations mean that we have access to a varied fleet of private jets and all the in-flight extras you need. Whether you’re planning an executive trip, a team building event, or a private trip, our exclusive service ensures that you travel in privacy and style.

Flying passengers and business travelers on private airlines has long been a popular, not to mention exclusive, commodity. At Neo Tours we can organize the lease of a private jet to take you to any destination across the globe.

Leasing a private jet is a VIP service that we take very seriously and thus go the extra mile to provide quality solutions and accommodate specific requests, according to client request. We work with countless airlines that can offer private jets in different sizes and different grades. This unique, luxury service also means that we’ll be by your side every step of the way – from the initial planning stages through to arrival at your final destination.

The flight itinerary will be defined by taking into consideration aspects such as the flight route, the flight's goal and specific services requested by the client. At Neo Tours you can expect professional and personal assistance along the way, resting assured that we've taken care of details both big and small. We will make sure your landing is as convenient as possible, ensuring that luggage, security checks, passport handling and boarding/alighting all go smoothly.


Our private jet lease service includes a range of ancillary ground arrangements, including: airport transfers; private travel; special in-flight services; and more. All flights are on private jets that offer an incomparable standard of security and adhere to all airport standards and regulations.