Reports and Data Analysis

Neo Tours is able to utilize statistical reports, in-depth analysis and advanced tools to help companies arrange cost-effective, efficient and well-coordinated business trips. Our experience in the field of business travel management and our connections with vendors around the globe means we can work with you to carefully define your business travel account with both qualitative and quantitative work.

In a world of Big Data, Neo Tours uses a range of advanced tools for quality assurance and correct management of the business travel account for its clients. We do this in order to provide the most up-to-date information available for effective and productive planning of your business travel account. In order to maintain a high standard, we make use of innovative analytic tools and cross-reference the information against countless figures and data that is sourced from online systems across the globe.

Furthermore, we have ongoing contact and collaborations with airlines across the globe, as well as with hotels, vendors, and subcontractors that complete the picture for us, and for our clients. We offer the management level in your organization, as well as the in-house travel coordinator, all the necessary information required to arrange a successful business trip, and provide professional consultation in creating the business travel account according to a predefined budget.

We work according to a structured methodology of creating statistical reports combined with the analysis and specification of the business travel account, with painstaking attention to the smallest details. We offer full accompaniment prior to your departure, during your trip and after your return. The team here at Neo Tours is available to you around the clock, 24/7, offering solutions that feature dedicated applications designed to make the work process as efficient as possible.