Outsourced travel coordination 

Neo Tours is able to provide specialist outsourcing services for businesses and companies in need of a travel coordinator. Paying close attention to your travel requirements, budgetary restrictions and corporate policies, we can coordinate local and international travel, as well as ancillary services, for you and your employees on a short-term or long-term basis.

If you need a professional travel coordination service, Neo Tours can assist. We have extensive experience coordinating and adapting business travel accounts for businesses and companies of all sizes, working closely with the organization’s in-house business travel coordinator. For companies that do not employ a travel coordinator, we also provide outsourced travel coordination services.

Our outsourced travel coordination service is geared towards companies and organizations that manage a large scale travel account that would benefit from a unit responsible for arranging national and international travel.

By hiring our services, we will be responsible for maintaining budgetary concerns, defining travel procedures together with management, adhering to travel procedures, matching the right type of travel to the right employee, and meeting the different goals of the trip. If necessary, we can assist in training an in-house travel coordinator for your future travel needs.

Your travel requirements will be fully addressed with a comprehensive outsourced travel coordination service. Our professionalism and experience are at your disposal, as are our years of personal and direct ties with airlines, subcontractors, vendors and more.